Health Plans Must Prioritize Member Satisfaction

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Gone are the days of the traditional, slow, steady insurance business. Welcome the next generation of health insurance, where plans must be fast and agile to please their members.

Today, health plan consumers are empowered, informed and demand more sophisticated, convenient, transparent, affordable, accountable, and personalized service.

Health plans must shift their business models to embrace empowered consumers by consistently offering the best, most competitive services, and benefits.

This approach requires payers to invest technology that supports the introduction of new services and products and do so at the consumer’s speed, in a manner that meets the consumer’s needs.

Does your system make it difficult for you to create a new plan or benefit change? Sometimes it can take six to nine months to complete these updates in the system in time for enrollment. Do these changes require highly-skilled IT professionals? Oftentimes, these changes can take resources and hours away from other valuable projects for an organization. And even then, with all of this time and effort, it’s not guaranteed that it will be successful.

For today’s consumer, and tomorrow’s success, health plans need technology that enables them to make changes to plans and benefits in a matter of hours. This capability pleases members and providers alike by providing access to accurate information in a timely manner.

Does your system allow users to see information in real-time? Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millenials are demanding transparency and access to accurate real-time information available to them 24/7 through a variety of channels.  This means layering the digital information era on top of the traditional health insurance infrastructure in a way that allows your organization to quickly respond to market demand and be the first to offer the most up-to-date, innovative plans.

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