How Our Approach to Developing New Products is Modernizing Our Industry

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At HealthEdge, the voice of our customers drives our innovation. Listening to our customers’ needs allows us to accelerate the delivery of valuable features and proactively remove barriers to their success.

Today, some health plans run on decades-old systems built on legacy technologies that do not lend themselves to innovation or shifting market dynamics. The reality is that the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Health plans need a system that can keep up with rapid change and meets their business requirements as this experience with COVID-19 has shown.

HealthEdge’s solutions are based on modern technologies, modern tools, and modern development and deployment processes.

We actively look for customer input through a variety of channels. HealthEdge frequently participates in monthly user group meetings hosted by our customers, an annual customer conference, and numerous one-to-one user research visits by the Product Management and UX teams. Further, the Product Management team gathers feedback from the Support team, the Professional Services team’s experience during implementations, and gains insights from our account managers, who spend significant time with our customers in the field.

With product and market feedback in-hand, HealthEdge utilizes the Agile and Scrum software development processes, which focus on frequent delivery of working software. This methodology allows us to be extremely responsive to our customers’ requests, evolving marketing trends, or to modify products for compliance mandates.

This constant innovation enables us to ship Generally Available (GA) software releases many times per year, at no additional cost. These regular updates provide new capabilities that allow health insurers to stay current and competitive with the latest industry developments and pivot whenever needed.

HealthEdge’s approach to innovation is unique in the health insurance arena. As Vice President of Product Management, we guide our product, development, and operational teams to help modernize our industry in a way that is similar to other technology segments, where new business value and automation are delivered routinely. Our continued partnership with our customers will help us transform the way this industry operates, bringing more value and efficiency to payers and the members they serve.

This edition of ‘the Edge Report is authored by Scott Sbihli, Vice President of Product Management. Scott is an experienced business and technology leader with a record of accomplishment in building and managing innovation, product, and business teams. Scott is originally from Michigan and now calls the greater Boston area home.

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