Important Customer Update

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HealthEdge’s Commitment to Customers 

The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. During this time, HealthEdge wants you to know that we are here for you and committed to helping you continue running your business as you work with your providers and members.  We understand your business may be unusually impacted, for example by the increased need for healthcare services, putting additional strain on your resources. We are ready to assist you. Every day, customers rely on us to help them rapidly resolve real-time, business-critical challenges and COVID-19 does not change our ability to provide those critical capabilities.

Employee Focus

We take the health of the community and our employees seriously and are following the advice of medical experts and local authorities regarding steps we can take to help reduce the spread of the virus, such as social distancing. We have told our staff to work from home exclusively, and this policy will continue to be evaluated. We’ve also directed our employees to replace travel with virtual meetings during this time.

Agility and collaboration have been the focus at HealthEdge in our culture and how we approach our day to day support commitments.  Our staff are all deployed with equipment and toolsets that enable them to work effectively remotely.  Employees are trained in the use of video conferencing tools for virtual meetings to ensure our collaborative work focus for our customers continues.  Our internal support teams continue to support our customers 24x7x365, managing and monitoring any critical events that may occur.

We believe it’s our duty to play a role in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and precautions like these are in the best interest of our employees, their families, and the communities in which they live.

Crisis Management

The senior management team at HealthEdge is meeting daily to assess all aspects of the crisis and ensure that our resources are deployed to help you continue managing your business.  Please address any concerns to your Account Executive as we work through this unprecedented situation.

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