Postcard from Salem: We are Building a Diverse Organization, Are You Ready to Join?

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Diversity and inclusion are essential components of HealthEdge’s recruitment and retention efforts. At HealthEdge, we see diversity is a competitive advantage and strive to recruit A-plus talent from a variety of backgrounds, who bring together a mix of skills and experiences that makes us stand out!

“We are constantly striving to do better and to bring different experiences and perspectives together to create something stronger at HealthEdge,” says Katie Conti, Director of Talent Acquisition “Diversity of thought sparks innovation, collaboration, and growth, so we’re always looking to expand the candidate pool that we hire from.”

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are at the core values driving HealthEdge’s mission. Our HR team provides training, coaching, and mentorship to set the bar high when it comes to making sure HealthEdge employees are happy both in and out of the workplace. In addition to company events in and out of the office, HealthEdge offers and encourages professional development with the help of many free resources.

HealthEdge has been voted best ‘Best and Brightest Places to Work For’ for the two years in a row—a testament to our diversity and inclusion efforts. This year we achieved a National Best and Brightest Gold Standard 101. This gold-star standing says a lot about how the company recognizes, respects, and treats its employees.

“The different perspectives of employees can influence how a company performs. At HealthEdge, we help to foster diverse perspectives, acknowledge religious and cultural differences, and reflect on daily needs and preferences,” Katie noted. “We want HealthEdge employees to feel excited about work. We want people to lean into flexibility, learn the product, and ensure everyone has the necessary tools and resources to be successful at our organization.”

At HealthEdge, we find ourselves in a unique position during these difficult times. We are incredibly fortunate that our employees were able to move remotely overnight and our open positions remain active; in fact we are growing and adding new positions For the second time in less than two months, we welcomed our second full new hire class of five; the first having eight.

While we would all agree it is not ideal, it’ s certainly hopeful that we continue to grow and thrive even under such circumstances. We know this story of ‘business as usual’ makes us incredibly lucky and we are grateful to be resilient in these times.   If you or others have been impacted by job loss during COVID-19, we encourage you to connect and check out our page.

Katie Conti is a senior talent acquisition professional with 20 years of experience with resource management and recruiting. She is currently focused on building a diverse, robust five-star healthcare IT talent pool at HealthEdge. Katie’ passion for building teams and impacting culture with every hire is evident.

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