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Customers Influence Significant Development in Digital Health Technology

Much of the GuidingCare product roadmap has been influenced by our customer’s experience.

We have something called ride alongs, where we go with our clients out into the workplace and see how they use our product. These visits have greatly influenced our product roadmap; we identified significant capabilities that we needed to implement by watching real people work in the real world.

One of those influences was our award-winning Mobile Clinician app.

Whenever you’re driving, and your phone loses connection to a mobile network, think about the people who live there. And there are a lot more places than people think, spanning from remote locations in Hawaii to the rural mountainous regions of the Southeast. We even did a ride-along with a customer in a part of the Navajo Nation in the middle of the desert with no service.

While out in these remote areas, if a clinician is visiting patients and can’t go online to access a web service like GuidingCare, they need the ability to work offline in order to best serve these patients. The Mobile Clinician app solves this challenge. The app allows field clinicians to visit with patients in their homes or communities and use on- or offline on mobile devices to perform care management functions. The offline capability is especially valuable in serving areas without dependable internet or cellular service, where populations need care and social support resources.

In addition to capturing demographic data, conducting health assessments, and making referrals to social services, among other things, clinicians can also build care and service plans in the Mobile Clinician app, which is another process that our ride-alongs helped us improve.

We wanted to reduce the number of clicks that it takes a clinician to build a care plan, so the technology did not get in the way of valuable face-to-face, human interactions with the patient during the visit. We made huge improvements, resulting in single-click care planning—now clinicians can finalize care plans without interruption.

I’ve been with Altruista for more than eight years and was drawn to the company’s mission of improving care through promoting member engagement and access to care. The Mobile Clinician app helps communities overcome barriers to accessing care and better health outcomes, regardless of location.