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Introducing HealthEdge Innovation Lab

As healthcare pioneers, HealthEdge understands the challenges of turning an idea into a real-world solution. Even some of the best ideas need nurturing to help them evolve. That’s why we started the HealthEdge Innovation Lab. We believe every idea should have the chance to grow and every innovator should have a place to help them make that happen. The HealthEdge Innovation Lab is the next stop in the evolution of an innovator.

The HealthEdge Innovation Lab offers digital health disruptors a place to develop, test, and evolve their ideas by providing access, education, and support.

Access – We help startup and early-stage companies mature and grow their businesses through access to:

  • Client database
  • Marketing
  • Research firms
  • Co-development

Education – We provide a structured education program that includes:

  • Mentorship
  • Access to experts
  • Agile framework

Support – We nurture and support your unique vision through:

  • Ecosystem placement
  • Design assistance
  • Long-term vision
  • Partnership collaboration

Driving Transformational Change

We partner with digital health innovators to revolutionize healthcare and drive transformational outcomes, including:

  • Member engagement and satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Operational efficiency
  • Growth & innovation
  • Business agility
  • Provider satisfaction
  • Data sharing
  • Accurate claim payments
  • Clinical workflow management

We believe in purposeful partnership

Our vision is innovating a world where healthcare can focus on people. The HealthEdge Innovation Lab supports healthcare pioneers with:

  • True partnership designed to help startup and early-stage companies mature and grow their business
  • Expertise and mentorship programs to educate and inform on the challenges and obstacles that often confound the healthcare industry
  • Deliberate orchestration of services to unravel the tangled web of healthcare ecosystems and bolster long-term vision and goals

Join the healthcare pioneers  

We want to hear how your organization is innovating and disrupting the status quo! Learn more about the HealthEdge Innovation Lab here.