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Is Your Organization Open To Change?

If an organization is open to change, it will always result in a successful, smoother implementation of new technology.

For those who are reluctant to change, it’s an issue of comfort and routine. Some still want to do things the same way they have done them for the past twenty years because they are familiar with it. They’re in their comfort zone and want to maintain the way they’ve always operated.

I strive to help my customers understand that change is good; there’s a brand-new opportunity to enhance their process and improve how they interact with their system. If they embrace change now, they will be better off years down the road.

In addition, if there is hesitation, it’s often because the client may fully understand the benefit of changing their technology. Sure, the upper management understands, but getting that understanding to trickle down throughout the organization is a challenge. It’s a learning curve. I’ve found that the process goes much smoother if everyone at the organization has a clear understanding of why these changes are happening, what it means, and how it will improve their business.

In my role, I always strive to bridge this gap and help the people that I’m working with understand how our solutions operate and how it differs from their current system. When it comes to upgrades, I know the functionality coming in with newer versions and how it will impact a specific client; so a lot of my discussions show people what has changed between each version and how to use it. Setting up demos is also a great way to help customers identify opportunities and begin to understand the value and where they could see results.

Successful implementations are what I look forward to most. I deal with clients on a daily basis, and I love doing whatever I can to help them succeed. That’s what motivates me.