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Partnerships that Drive Quality Care and Improve Patient Outcomes

Like any other organization, communication is crucial for health plans to serve their mission: deliver the best care for their members and improve health outcomes.

Every day, members with healthcare concerns work with their health plans; it is an incredibly personal, human interaction. While technology vendors like us do not interact directly with members, it’s important that we keep the human element at the forefront of our minds and focus our efforts on making the healthcare experience a better one.

One way we do this is by considering time as a critical factor when it comes to a member’s care. Health plans understand that they must treat health-related questions from their members with the same urgency their members feel. Working together, we help our payer customers leverage technology that can increase efficiencies, improve transparency with providers, and enable solutions that quickly meet a member’s healthcare needs.

As a technology partner for payers, it’s crucial that we’re precise and our documentation is clear. We also must communicate the right messages and information to the right people and always give notice of upcoming industry changes or other things that might impact our clients’ workflow. Sharing this knowledge allows health plans to prepare and make informed decisions for their business while providing efficient customer services that their members expect.

Our partnership approach was especially important over this past year when many people adjusted to working remotely, and regular communication became an additional challenge. Several of our clients, particularly in Q2 of last year, got pulled into different workgroups and tried to figure out how best to handle COVID-19, plan for additional changes, and keep the business moving forward amidst the chaos.

COVID-19 was just one example of how quickly things can change. While health plans grapple with becoming more agile, technology vendors, too, must anticipate change, adapt, and accommodate evolving customer needs. We value our client relationships and know that maintaining a strong, supportive partnership will ultimately help our health plan customers navigate uncertainty so that they can stay focused on their mission.