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Reflections On The Altruista Journey

It’s been a long journey since the first line of code in GuidingCare® was written in 2007 to the present day. Altruista Health has evolved as a company into its market leadership position and we plan to stay here.

Those of you who know my background are familiar with my reasons for starting Altruista Health. I have a strong desire to serve because I survived a difficult early life in India and was very fortunate as an adult to come to the United States and gain an education. I can think of no other place in the world where I would have had the same opportunities that I have had in this country. I’m continually grateful.

One of my early work positions was at a large national health plan, where I was on an executive track. It quickly became clear to me that the system was deeply enmeshed in a reactive cycle in managing member health. Wanting to make change, I co-founded Altruista Health to serve some of the nation’s most vulnerable people – those with complex medical conditions, serious mental illness, the frail elderly and others. Altruista has sought to intervene proactively and with a full 360-degree view of the member to prevent bad outcomes and needless suffering. I believe we are making a difference.

Becoming part of the HealthEdge family is the next part of our journey, in which we have a chance to work with like-minded colleagues to deliver even more value to health plans and their members. Through HealthEdge, a Blackstone-backed company, Altruista gains the financial muscle of the world’s largest investment organization, and that gives us leverage to continue innovating and fulfilling our mission.

I could not be more proud or excited about GuidingCare and the future of Altruista Health. We are not stopping or slowing down in our quest to build a better health system. In the end, it’s all about the people we serve and their quality of life. We have never lost sight of that and never will.