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HealthEdge Source™ Horizons: Increase Member Engagement with Payment Accuracy and Transparency 

The healthcare landscape is fiercely competitive, with both established payers and innovative disruptors vying to capture market share. Yet, in this rush, a crucial factor often gets overlooked: member engagement.

In our five-part blog series, HealthEdge Source™  Horizons, we demonstrate how our payment integrity solution empowers health plans to achieve compliance, expand market reach, and manage value-based care. In this blog, we will dive into how health plans can enhance payment accuracy and transparency, the cornerstones of member trust and engagement.

Read the entire series at the links below:

Why member engagement matters

Member engagement goes beyond profit; it directly impacts health outcomes. Engaged members take a more active role in their healthcare, leading to better health outcomes and lower long-term costs for your plan.  However, factors such as inaccurate payments, lack of transparency, and delays can erode trust and disengage members.

Our recent webinar, “Empowering Modern Health Care Consumers,” highlights the importance of member satisfaction. We emphasize the critical role of payment accuracy and transparency in building member engagement. By offering clear explanations of benefits, coverage details, and out-of-pocket expenses, you enable members to make well-informed healthcare decisions. This not only reduces anxiety about surprise bills but also fosters collaboration, leading to a stronger partnership and better health outcomes.

Increase health plan efficiency to improve member relationships and engagement

Reduce clinician burnout from administrative overload

Clinicians are drowning in administrative tasks, leading to burnout and less time spent with patients. Every minute spent on paperwork steals valuable time from direct patient care, hindering the ability to deliver personalized and attentive care.

HealthEdge Source alleviates this burden for clinicians, creating a ripple effect of positive outcomes. Our solution automates essential claims and payment processes, freeing up time for clinical decision-making. By streamlining routine tasks and simplifying complex processes, we eliminate the need for time-consuming manual reviews. This allows clinicians to refocus their energy on what matters most—delivering high-quality patient care.

With more time dedicated to patients, improved communication and a more positive patient experience naturally follow. And reduced clinician burnout leads to lower turnover rates, saving on costly recruitment and training expenses.

Offer pricing transparency and easy access to information for members

Transparency in healthcare costs and coverage is a top priority for both your members and regulatory agencies including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Empowering your members with clear, accurate information is key to building trust and driving engagement.

Here’s how we help health plans achieve transparency:

  • Eliminate Surprise Billing: Our cloud-based system ensures accurate estimates upfront, preventing surprise bills and fostering trust from the beginning.
  • Real-Time Information Access: With 24/7 data access, your plan or any providers can proactively communicate coverage details and potential cost-saving options directly to members.

Cloud-based data delivery ensures that your plan has the most up-to-date and accurate content and regulatory updates, eliminating confusion and errors. Furthermore, cloud-based processing reduces wait times by streamlining claims and inquiries. Most importantly, the cloud provides a secure and scalable environment to protect member data and ensure smooth system performance even during peak demand.

Happy providers = Happy members

Building strong provider relationships is crucial for a health plan’s success. Happy providers lead to happy members, yielding better health outcomes and reducing long-term costs. Designed for true Payment Accountability, HealthEdge Source not only streamlines internal operations but also allows you to nurture these crucial relationships.

Traditional claim processing frustrates providers with errors and inconsistencies. Our Platform Access technology solves this issue by streamlining internal operations, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and comprehensive claims payments upstream in the adjudication process. Now you can transform your business, organize your data in a single place, address root cause issues, and pay claims right the first time.

With key features including:

  • Editing Library with History: Access historical data, parameters, and exceptions for edits, allowing for informed decision-making.
  • Custom Edit Builder: Tailor specific edits to meet your unique payment arrangements and cost-saving goals.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Gain valuable insights into performance metrics and the impact of edits on your claims process.
  • Monitor Mode: Test the impact of edits on your system before implementation, minimizing disruptions.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail: Track and view claim-level edit details for complete transparency.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, eliminating the need for disruptive rip-and-replace solutions. Regular updates ensure your system stays current, while the scalable design allows you to adapt to future needs.

By providing a single, streamlined platform for accurate and efficient claims processing, we can help you to build stronger relationships with your providers. This translates to a win-win for everyone: happier providers delivering better care, a more satisfied member base, and a healthier bottom line for your health plan.

Ready to learn more?

Explore our blog series, “HealthEdge Source Horizons,” to discover how our solution can help you achieve compliance, expand market reach, and manage value-based care.

Want to learn more about how your health plan can access valuable analytics while increasing payment accuracy and transparency? Read our blog, “The Shift to Payment Accountability®: An Enterprise Approach to Healthcare Payment Integrity.”


About the Author

Diana Nguyen is an experienced Product Marketing Manager at HealthEdge, based in Denver, Colorado. With over 2 years at HealthEdge, Diana has held various roles, including Market Research Marketing Manager, Partner & Services Marketing Manager, and Channel Marketing Manager. She currently focuses on driving market awareness and adoption of HealthEdge Source™, the industry-leading payment integrity solution that empowers payers to optimize claims accuracy, minimize errors, and maximize cost savings.

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