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The Importance of Patience and Understanding in the Payer Industry

Regional non-profits and health plans wholly owned by hospital systems may be facing challenges in the market today, especially considering COVID-19. Analytics suggest patient volumes are trending downward, causing impacts to incoming revenue streams and creating constraints for these critical resources.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find some of these health plans are running on thin margins.

Rightfully, our provider-owned health plans are primarily concerned with taking care of their employees and members first and foremost; though, this tends to delay technology spending decisions.

As a customer-centric organization, we value patience and understanding and how important those values are in the payer industry. We live in an unprecedented time of difficulty that requires a critical level of care to ensure our customers’ success. In my experience in this business, any organization that lacks these ideals simply will not last.

As such, we must remain sensitive to the issues facing health plans, providers, and members that are out of their control. Working with the customers and prospective clients on their timelines, supporting their critical initiatives becomes our collective success story and our organizational paradigm.

You see, at HealthEdge, we make sure we always create customer value. In my experience, if we stay focused on creating value day-in and day-out, everything else will fall into place. The cycle of opportunities is constant. And when a previous opportunity with a prospective client does resurface, absolutely those customers remember the consideration and mutual purpose of success shown in a time of need.

I’ve built long-term relationships with people in this industry over the years, and being a reliable partner for our customers remains my top priority. It is so important to always put yourself in the customers’ shoes, understanding the obstacles they face on a daily basis. You must be sensitive to what they’re going through and remain supportive in order to provide critical value-based solutions.

The healthcare technology space is complex. Millions of factors can impact our business, but it is how we respond and react to those challenges that will build trust.

I care about our customers, and we need to do right by them. Their collective success is good for all.