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Want to Transform? Start with People, Process and Technology

When it comes to business transformation, the biggest roadblock is often resistance to change.

In a former role, prior to working at HealthEdge, I was among 30 consultants hired to tackle a company’s backlog of work. The client did not ask about our individual experience that they could tap into or recommendations for improving the process. The project was incredibly inefficient. We all had different skills and knowledge to help move their project along faster, but we faced resistance. The client wanted to keep the process as it was, having all 30 consultants working on the exact same tasks.

It was clear that everyone was working at different speeds. Some people were fast but had a few errors, while others were slower yet analytical. I recommended that we push to have a tiered system― the tier 1 people would quickly work through the backlog, tier 2 people audit the work, catch any mistakes, and tier 3 people focus on any complex issues that arose. Leveraging our talent in a different capacity, this process would allow our team to meet the production schedule, reduce errors and ultimately boost morale.

I finally convinced the client to let us try something new. We assigned people to the tiers where they would perform best and set up a model so that the process wouldn’t get caught in a bottleneck. As a result, we took care of the backlog that had been accumulating for months in less than 30 days.

With a fresh perspective, we implemented a new process that capitalized on the strengths and expertise of our people and allowed the company to transform and gain productivity moving forward.

That’s just one example; not every project is the same. To transform your business, it’s always key to revisit and improve processes, leverage the vast experiences of your people and find the right technology partner.

When it comes to software, it’s important for the company’s technical side and business side to work together and collaborate. When IT and business join forces, they can achieve so much more and faster.