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Building Members’ Trust Starts With Engagement

According to our recent survey of 3,000 consumers, 58% of respondents still trust the current health insurance model over government-run, retailer-led or other private-public ventures. While health plans have retained a majority in consumer trust, it’s starting to take a dip – it’s down from 69% in 2018. So it’s imperative for health plans to continue to focus on member satisfaction to build (or rebuild) consumer confidence in existing models.

One way to enhance member satisfaction is through member engagement and outreach. More consumers today say regular communication through a variety of channels will improve their overall satisfaction (26% today versus 18% in 2018).  And while digital communications and self-service tools have greatly progressed, we still have work to do as an industry to pull all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle together in a highly individualized way. Now that we have much of the technology in place, simplification is the next key step in moving these initiatives forward.