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HealthEdge Internship: Exploring Company Culture

One of the best parts about working at HealthEdge is how open they are to change.

When asked what makes the company stand out, Manager of Talent Attraction Kelly Finn praised the HealthEdge’s mindset of “just because you’ve done something one way for a long time doesn’t mean we should necessarily keep doing it, and we’re always looking at new ways to look at a process differently.”

As a company with a technological base, we are always moving forward and looking for mechanisms of change to put us ahead of the industry. This shared way of thinking about the world makes working as an intern exciting and unpredictable because everything you say and do can make an impact on the company’s future.

A great example of how open to change the company is can be seen in the evolution of the intern program itself. When it was founded in 2018, the program was scattered. “It was kind of ‘hey does anyone want an intern? Raise your hand, okay we’ll find some people for you’ but we’ve put in a lot more structure around it since then,” Finn explained.

Now, the HR team tailors each position for a specific department, and managers who want an intern must create an onboarding list of things they would assign their intern if they were to receive one, making sure every intern can be engaged.

The intern program has also since employed the idea of having the interns work in teams to complete challenges and earn points throughout the summer, which adds a light, competitive flare to the job as well as opportunities to socialize that the pandemic has rendered so limited. The program is relatively young, as this is only the third summer, but there has already been so much improvement. This is because the heads of the program sat down and reflected on where they were lacking and how they can make it better, and that is something a lot of companies don’t have the maturity to do.

Another way in which HealthEdge’s culture really stands out among the masses are the monthly iBelong seminars founded in June 2020 in response to a racial injustice, where employees meet and discuss a multitude of topics that most workplaces find uncomfortable and untouchable. It is a safe space where people discuss how topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia have affected them and how we can go about making a change. The seminar opens up with facts and information and then discussion questions guide an open communication between whoever wants to talk or listen, and it is an incredibly progressive event to experience.

You may wonder the benefits of being such a caring, tight-knit workplace, but the team believes it is an integral key to success. “It makes a big difference, feeling that the people that you’re working with are all rowing in the same direction and care about you as an individual, as well as care about the work that they’re doing,” says Katie Conti. Everyone is working together to produce the best work they can, and you can’t ask for much more than that.

HealthEdge was named national Elite Winner in Employee Achievement and Recognition designation for the 2020 Medium-Size Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, Top 101 in the Nation®. We also were named 2020 Top Places to Work by the Boston Globe Media Partners Group. If this work environment resonates with you, consider joining the team.