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HealthRules® Promote Empowers Health Plans to Configure Faster than Ever Before

In recent years, Medica, a Minnesota-based non-profit health insurance provider, has experienced explosive growth. To keep up with its growth, Medica’s was using HealthEdge’s core administrative processing system (CAPS), HealthRules® Payer, which had resulted in multiple instances of the system.

However, the growing complexity of the multiple configurations led to the need for a more efficient way to manage the HealthRules Payer infrastructure, and Medica turned to the experts within the HealthEdge team for guidance.

Medica faced two main challenges: Firstly, the company needed to create new efficiencies to help reduce complexities and administrative burdens associated with maintaining multiple HealthRules Payer environments, reducing the time spent on issue research and resolution, enabling faster system audits, and improving tracking of configuration changes to support more seamless configuration changes. Secondly, the company needed to maintain quality, reducing occurrences of early promotion of another user’s work related to multi-user risks of promoting someone else’s work and eliminating the risk of wiping out another user’s changes.

The outcome of this collaboration was the creation of HealthRules Promote, a web-based application that all HealthRules Payer customers can now use to manage complex configurations and multiple instances of the solution. Medica noted that the collaborative effort between the two teams resulted in a powerful solution that helped the company support more than 400 configuration projects in the past year.

HealthRules Promote provides insight into the complexities of HealthRules Payer configuration and ensures that all unique dependencies are considered prior to promoting the configuration to production. It also allows multiple users across multiple lines of business to control and understand which users’ configurations are ready for promotion and which ones have conflicting dependencies.

For Medica, HealthRules Promote provides delivers several meaningful benefits:

  1. The solution saves time through configuration artifacts by removing the need to create and maintain exports, eliminating separate spreadsheets for tracking, and easily importing configuration sets to new environments in just a few clicks.
  2. The solution allows the company to confidently migrate configurations without errors that ultimately cause problems in production.
  3. The dependency-and-compare features of HealthRules Promote allow Medica to easily audit builds across environments and identify development changes over time that may be causing product issues.

To explore how HealthRules Promote can empower your organization with actionable insights into the complexities of your multiple HealthRules Payer configurations, visit the HealthRules Promote page on the HealthEdge website or email [email protected].