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AHIP Webinar: Satisfying Your Members as Consumers: What Matters Most Today

HealthEdge recently completed a nationwide research study of nearly 3,000 health care consumers to help payers better understand what members care most about today. With consumer expectations shifting in our post-pandemic society and competition in the payer landscape becoming increasingly complex, now is a critical time for health insurance providers to ensure they are equipped with the right technology and insights to address the new and emerging needs of their members.

Join HealthEdge as we reveal the consumer research results pertaining to your members across different lines of business and facilitate an interactive discussion of the emerging trends. The presentation will provide both an industry and clinical perspective on how health plans can leverage results from this research as well as technology to improve member satisfaction and remain competitive in today’s evolving market.

You Will Learn About:

  • The current state of member satisfaction nationwide and what this means for health insurance providers

  • What payers and care managers can do to improve member satisfaction results

  • Members’ overall perceptions of the health care ecosystem and who they trust

  • Practical guidance on how payers can better align with current and future member expectations to improve outcomes and remain competitive