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HealthEdge® leverages your feedback to drive customer experience improvements

We’re investing in tools, skills and processes to improve customer experience across HealthEdge®. Your feedback enables us to continuously improve the HealthEdge solutions you count on. We greatly appreciate your input in our quarter 2 customer satisfaction survey, with responses from Information Technology (IT) staff members, super users and other individual contributors driving meaningful developments. Here’s a look at what your feedback helped to accomplish:

HealthRules® Payer customer survey responses reflect improvements in five areas: product quality, consulting services, support responsiveness, ease of working with the HealthRules team and employee understanding of customer priorities. 

  • HealthRules Payer quality, performance and issue turnaround time improved in several areas, including capitation and claims.

  • We increased thresholds for code quality testing and conducted a root cause analysis study that informed process improvements.

  • Process and organization improvements led to a 21% reduction in issue resolution time.

Driving Improvements in HealthRules Payer

GuidingCare® customers sent a clear message on the importance of usability, relevant functionality and issue resolution time. The GuidingCare team responded with efforts to improve customer experience with our product and team members:

  • An expanding number of customers (nearly 60%) receive fast and easy upgrades, new features, and better performance through our monthly releases.

  • We studied 2,000 support tickets to identify common themes across customers, resulting in high-impact product, process and integration improvements.

  • GuidingCare is on pace to reduce critical and high-severity issues by 75%.

  • New, feature demonstration videos and online training help you get the most from your care management solution.


Source customer survey scores show high satisfaction. To keep satisfaction high, the Source team worked to optimize product performance, value and communication.

  • Improvements in quality and performance reduced open ticket duration by 24% in the first half of 2023. 

  • Faster issue resolution and higher capacity to develop customer-prioritized enhancements led to a 58% increase in satisfied customers.

  • New tools to analyze user experience increased workflow efficiencies.

  • We made Source subject matter experts readily available to our customers.

Driving Improvements in Source

Your feedback matters. 

HealthEdge’s quarter 3 customer satisfaction survey, open now through Wednesday, Aug. 30, aims to leverage insight from our customers who lead teams. If you lead a team, please complete the survey to help us drive the development of our products and services. You can access the survey through an Aug. 8 email from HealthEdge.