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Web-based UX, regulatory repository and more coming to HealthRules® Payer in 2023

Exciting new features are in the works for the most advanced core administrative processing solution on the market. Upcoming enhancements to HealthRules® Payer include:

  • Even greater agility as we work to double scalability to 10 million members

  • New features to improve capitation, accumulators and adjudication performance

  • Faster implementations will enable health plans to process claims with more speed and accuracy

  • Launch of a new, web-based UX will allow users to access HealthRules Manager from a web browser and eliminate the need to download on devices

  • Stronger integrations will provide a smoother, more streamlined user experience across all HealthEdge® solutions

  • BlueCard enhancements and scalability will support customers with home and host capabilities

  • Advanced tools will make it easier for plans to adhere to expanding regulatory compliance requirements