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Breaking Health, Episode #149


“A lot has happened in healthcare in the past two years,” Lucienne Ide, Founder and CEO of Rimidi, says. “We went from a miniscule adoption of telemedicine—much less remote monitoring—to now everybody’s looking at the future and saying, ‘This is here to stay. How are we going to do it in a scalable and sustainable way?’” Rimidi has the plan. Ide’s focus is patients with chronic diseases. Episodic care is not working for them, she says, and a once-a-year or once-a-quarter trip to the doctor feels more like being called to the principal’s office than a health-focused partnership. At Rimidi, Ide and her team are building sustainable progress by pushing healthcare past just digitizing data into true decision support for both patients and providers, innovating in care delivery and doing the “dirty work” of truly setting patients up for success. Ide and host, Steve Krupa, talk about the pain points in shifting to a value-based models; how EHRs, patients, and providers are responding to Rimidi’s decision-support tools; and her best advice for healthcare entrepreneurs.