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Breaking Health, Episode #152


Sid Viswanathan doesn’t believe that a pre-existing passion is essential to entrepreneurial success, instead he recommends choosing an area with plenty to learn. “Find something you can spend a lot of time obsessing over,” he told the Breaking Health podcast. When he co-founded Truepill, Viswanathan didn’t know much about healthcare, but now it is a passion. “It’s such a meaty industry; there’s so much stuff to do,” he said. Truepill launched as a virtual pharmacy in 2016, offering everything from the digital consumer-facing front end to pill packing and shipping on the back end. But the vision, Viswanathan said, is virtual healthcare, which now includes telemedicine and diagnostics as well. Truepill serves as a collaborative partner, he said, for payers, life sciences, healthcare, and providers.