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Breaking Health, Episode #157


Healthcare’s most vulnerable patients meet a fragmented system when they seek to simultaneously address chronic comorbidities, behavioral health challenges, and social needs (i.e., navigating access to food, transportation, and housing). In response, ConcertoCare employs a multidisciplinary team and offers an integrated approach to clinical care, behavioral health, and social services. The organization takes its name from a musical composition involving a soloist and an orchestra. With ConcertoCare, the patient (soloist) and interdisciplinary team (orchestra) work in tandem to meet the patient's needs beyond clinical care. Chairman and CEO Julian Harris, MD, MBA, talks with Breaking Health host Steve Krupa about the company’s clinical model, delivering exceptional care backed by technology and data, developing a brick-and-mortar health center, and its role in helping senior patients receive in-home care for as long as possible.