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Breaking Health, Episode #156


Payers and providers spend unnecessary time and energy approving medical and diagnostic procedures. CEO and Co-Founder Siva Namasivayam, believing that the digital health market has yet to leverage the full power of technology, launched Cohere Health in 2019 to transform utilization management into proper care management. Cohere Health employs individual and cohort medical data, records, and proprietary algorithms to generate approvals for nearly 90% of authorization requests. Evidence suggests that Siva and his team will soon realize their goal of a 96% approval rate. With more automatic approvals, providers can focus on what matters most while patients receive timely and appropriate care. Additionally, payers experience up to 15% savings when Cohere Health suggests cost-effective yet high-quality alternative treatment options. Siva and his team serve over 5.5 million members and approximately 100,000 physician offic