HealthRules Payer User Groups



The HealthRules Payer User Group is managed by customers in partnership with the HealthRules Payer product team. In addition to customer networking, the group allows the HealthRules Payer team to introduce new features and receive feedback on planned solutions.


The HealthRules Payer User Group is open to all HealthRules Payer customers, and it meets on the 2nd Friday of each month at 11am ET.


Questions for this User Group can be directed to Bob Conta, Product Owner at Independent Health ([email protected])


Registration Form


To sign-up, please click REGISTER, complete the form.


If you select the HealthRules Payer User Group, your registration request will be sent to customer that manages the group, who will then forward the meeting invitation and agendas directly to you.





Agenda for HealthRules Payer User Group


Bob Conta will announce the HealthRules Payer User Group agendas every month.