Do Not Sell My Personal Information

To exercise the right to opt-out of sale, please complete the form below. We provide the right to opt-out to comply with the CCPA and its broad definition of “sale” of personal information. We aim to respond to your opt-out request within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt.

If we have “sold” your information as defined by the CCPA, to third parties between the time we received your opt-out request and the time that we responded to your that request, we will notify the relevant third parties that you have exercised the right to opt-out and we will direct those third parties not to further sell your information.

If you have opted out of sale of your personal information, you have the right not to be contacted about opting back into sale of your personal information for the following twelve (12) months. Please note that this form is for our Sites and not our mobile applications. If you are a mobile app user please see the App Privacy Policy.

By entering your information, you consent to us contacting you to fulfill your opt-out request. Please note that opting-out has no impact on whether HealthEdge can contact you about our solutions.