HealthEdge Source: Preparing for CMS Updates & Retroactive Changes

Live webinar discussion followed by Q&A exclusively for Source customers

We’re obsessed with getting claims paid correctly the first time.

When CMS enacts retroactive changes, we want to make sure those claims are identified and corrected quickly so that your teams can spend less time finding, chasing and collecting what’s already gone out the door.

In this webinar we will unravel the impacts of retroactive changes and how health plans can leverage technology to navigate—and mitigate—these challenges.

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Jared Lorinsky, Chief Strategy Officer

Jared has been working in the payer reimbursement and payment integrity sphere for around two decades. As chief strategy officer at HealthEdge Source, Jared continues to work closely with health plans to understand their unique challenges and deliver solutions that can achieve their long-term goals.

Carl Anderson, Senior Product Manager

Carl works closely with healthcare payers and the intricacies of their data and IT ecosystems. His deep understanding of each payer’s unique needs helps to identify root-cause issues and solutions.