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Breaking Health, Episode #138


Starting out as a minor league baseball broadcaster, Ben Albert realized he was better at the business side of his role than the on-air aspect. He then landed at a healthcare consulting company and became hooked on healthcare- so many silos and opportunities for automation! After a successful exit at the helm of Care Team Connect, Ben decided to start and lead Upfront Healthcare to help patients navigate the unending waters of their medical journeys. By applying analytics to scheduling, billing, and operational data to develop each patients’ profile, the company can direct patients through an app-less experience to their next right service, which can be booked right then. Not only do patients enjoy this much easier experience, but providers benefit from the improved revenue profile for each patient and reduced administrative overhead. Listen to host Steve Krupa chat with Ben on how he progressed from deciding if he should start the business to now running a company servicing over 1 million patients in less than five years.