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Breaking Health, Episode #140


Having started working in the healthcare space directly after graduating, Bryan quickly learned the ins and outs of health insurers, broker distribution, and self-insurers. After a decade in the industry, Bryan decided to pivot to a much smaller company and became both the CEO and just the 3rd employee at RxBenefits in 2005. He then realized the opportunity to help smaller, self-insured companies handle their pharmacy benefits by carving those out. RxBenefits developed a platform connected directly to the major Pharmacy Benefit Manager systems, which enabled them to directly and cost-effectively ingest claims and operate as an apparent larger entity. This approach helped them deliver mid-market employers an average direct pharmacy savings of 27% and an indirect clinical savings of 10% per year. Hear host Steve Krupa chat with Bryan on his transition to a much smaller company, how RxBenefits has leveraged their niche in pharmacy benefits for mid-sized companies, and Bryan’s vision for the company’s future.