Employee Testimonial

Jayakumar Ramachandra

“The collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors across the division is optimistic and innovation driven, and this encourages to push oneself forward.”

Jay Ramachandra is the VP, Product Management and what he enjoys most about working at HealthEdge is that “The challenges and opportunities in my position warrant me to upskill. The weekly stands up meetings help me receive tips that are useful and can be applied to the job.” He believes Healthedge represents a culture of transparency in company performance and operations. He especially likes the townhalls and iBelong meetings which are both great sources of comprehensive information. He says that “At HealthEdge, “You will be challenged in a good way to push yourself and exceed your limits.” When asked how his coworkers would describe him, Jay says they would use qualities such as “approachable and easy to work with.” Jay enjoys his work wherein he can “marry business, product, and technical knowledge meaningfully when solving for new opportunities.” He takes pride in the domain we are in and the opportunities it presents. He exclaims - “We are uniquely positioned to solve many of the HealthCare problems and tackling these with a great team excites me.”

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Jayakumar ramachandra