About the New HealthEdge User Groups

Customers and HealthEdge product teams will collaborate to determine topics for the meetings, and the discussions are expected to be fully interactive. At this time, there is no limit on the size of the group, and HealthEdge encourages all interested customers to participate.


The content is geared especially for super users and product champions. Interested parties should join one of these groups at their earliest opportunity.


User Group

Meeting Timing
GuidingCare Care Management 2nd Tuesday of each quarter; 1PM ET
GuidingCare Utilization Management 2nd Wednesday of each quarter; 1PM ET
HealthRules Payer 2nd Friday of each month; 11AM ET
Source 4th Wednesday each quarter; 1PM ET

To sign up for any of these groups, go to: https://www.healthedge.com/healthedge-user-group-forums


Select your user group and complete the registration form. For Source and GuidingCare, a recurring invitation will be provided for participants to save to their calendars. For HealthRules Payer, the customer group administrators will send out invitations and agendas.


Users with any questions about the Source and GuidingCare groups should contact Helina Tegenu, Customer Sucess Operation Analyst, Customer Success: [email protected]


For questions about the HealthRules Payor group, contact Bob Conta, Product Owner, at Independent Health: [email protected].