Impact Spring 2024 – Q&A

Can you tell us more about the security measures you are putting in place given the recent healthcare cyberattack?


“HealthEdge takes an enterprise-level approach to security to ensure the security of our systems and customer data. Information Security follows a Center of Excellence format with a centralized security team strategizing, executing, and maintaining programs and processes throughout the enterprise and its product business units. Led by the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, who reports to the General Counsel, Information Security is structured and operates in three pyramids: Risk & Compliance, Architecture & Engineering, and Security Operations. HealthEdge aligns to HIPAA recognized security practices published by NIST and maintains HITRUST r2 and SOC-2 audit reports for each of its product business units as independent attestations to our practices. Our environments are monitored by an enterprise SIEM and supported by a 24/7/365 security operations center for incident response.

We continue to maintain the same best practices and high standards for security that we were prior to the recent healthcare cyberattack. We augment and adapt as necessary based on real-time threat intel feeds in our security tooling, our professional network of trusted advisors, and a close partnership with H-ISAC (Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center). As it relates to the CHC cyberattack specifically, we are aware of the specific IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise) and CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) involved in the attack to monitor and ensure they are not present in our environments.”


Will Ohio Medicaid pricing include all provider types?


Ohio Medicaid is on the HealthEdge Source™ roadmap for delivery. We are currently in conversations about the depth of content that will be required for this state and often varies by client needs.


Do you have plans to include Hawaii?


While we do not currently have Hawaii on our product roadmap for HealthEdge Source content, depending on a client’s needs we can adjust priorities and invest resources into this effort, per client requests. Please reach out to your Customer Service Executive if this is content you are interested in HealthEdge Source providing for your organization.


Are these new APis and enhancements going to be available in the lower versions? A – No. We encourage customers to upgrade to the latest available version of GuidingCare.


No. We encourage customers to upgrade to the latest available version of GuidingCare.


Can you provide info on the patient 360 view?


The report will be available in April and included in the release notes at that time. In the interim, more information on the patient 360 view can be found in this document. A final version will be ready for use once the report becomes available.


Is there a specific list for the new APIs?


They are published in GuidingCare release notes as they are developed. In addition, there is a full list of available APIs on our Developer Portal that can be accessed here.


What is the usual length of time for an implementation of Care Wellframe?


We generally expect implementation to take 5-6 months.