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Breaking Health, Episode #144


After losing his Holocaust-survivor dad as a result of three medical errors at a US academic hospital, Raphael Rakowski was driven to start Medically Home. Trained as an engineer who then successfully launched a few prior companies, Raphael was prepared to try to address the problem of high fixed cost burdens at medical facilities that he felt affected quality of care. He and his co-founders started Medically Home almost 13 years ago with the vision to provide high acuity, complex care, in a home setting. Thankfully, after some behind-the-scenes backing from Mayo Clinic, a momentous decision by CMS to provide a reimbursement code for their care model, and a boost in demand for out-of-hospital care during Covid, the company has recently really taken off. Tune into this episode to learn more about Medically Home’s technology and patient experience, as host Steve Krupa chats with Raphael about the company’s business model, tipping point, traction gained with both patients and providers, and future.