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Breaking Health, Episode #143


As a former Partner at Deloitte, Rajeev Ronanki established and led Deloitte's Life Sciences and Healthcare Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation practices. He then was offered a chance to join Anthem and lead their transformation to becoming a digital-first enterprise. Rajeev viewed this a great opportunity to help transform healthcare, so he accepted the position. How did he start to tackle this challenge and develop a vision for this insurance giant? First, by simply defining what “digital” meant within Anthem. Once aligned on that, he was able to start implementing automation of core business practices and developing an application to engage consumers in a more personalized manner. Then, the real value came. Leveraging over 10 million users on their digital platform, Anthem was able to improve their app based on user feedback collected on the platform (they tested an average of 180 user experiences per day!). More impactfully though, the group could start deriving real healthcare insights. Tune into this episode to learn more about Anthem’s new digital-first approach, as host Steve Krupa chats with Rajeev on the company’s digital revolution, its partnerships with startups and investors, the opportunity for more upfront diagnosis, and even Rajeev’s thoughts on blockchain’s utility in healthcare.