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Breaking Health, Episode #145


Mark Frank has what he calls “professional ADD.” He naturally likes trying different things and building new skills, which is ultimately what led him to become an entrepreneur. Even while serving in the Army after college, Mark still found entrepreneurial aspects as a platoon leader; after all, he was responsible for everything his unit either did or didn’t do. He used to think of himself as an operator or executive, which was his role at his first startup, but now he looks for ideas/opportunities, makes note of them, and eventually either whittles them down into business opportunities or sets them aside. After a challenging and frustrating experience finding a therapist (balancing location, schedules, insurance, and fit is a real nuisance), Mark realized the huge opportunity to help both patients and therapists connect more easily. Hence, SonderMind was born. Tune into this episode to learn more about SonderMind’s origins, its unique business model, how it has tackled some of the big problems in the therapy space, including access to care and providing valuable business support to therapists, plus a conversation about the current challenges and opportunities with many mental health benefits.