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Breaking Health, Episode #146


John Kao is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive. After beginning his career at FHP International, he then started four other companies in succession: Secure Horizons USA, PacifiCare Health Systems, The TriZetto Group, and CareMore Medical Enterprises, before then being compelled to found Alignment Healthcare. Alignment’s origin is a bit more personal to John though, as the business idea arose from his and his mother’s experiences as she had a heart attack. After experiencing a lack of consistency around clinical information, particularly post-discharge home healthcare; poor communication post-discharge about cardiac rehab; and medication mismatches pre- vs. post-hospitalization, John felt he couldn’t be the only one going through this, so he started Alignment Healthcare. He felt there was a huge need for proactive care at the home and/or virtually for the 20% of seniors who are frail or have polychronic conditions, and that the cost savings arising from providing better care for this population could be reinvested in the other 80%. Tune into this episode to learn more about Alignment Healthcare’s origins, its unique business model, its strong values, and the healthcare market’s response to the now-public company, plus a candid conversation about some of the most valuable lessons John has learned transitioning from an entrepreneur to a CEO.