The Wellframe Solution Suite

Digital Customer Service

Our comprehensive Digital Health Management platform offers proven scalable solutions for care management and advocacy. You’re able to extend your reach across more critical touchpoints, uncover valuable health insights, and deliver modern member services that improve member adoption and experience.

Wellframe Digital Customer Service helps members make the most of their benefits by unifying resources in one comprehensive solution. Via the mobile app, members can provide information on their health histories and needs and access programs, resources and checklists to stay on top of healthcare needs. The app also gives members access to a Care Advocate, who can answer questions, provide guidance and connect them to other resources within the health plan.

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Member Mobile App

Our Digital Customer Service mobile app empowers members to take full control of their health. We help you curate resources around individual member needs to improve experiences and care outcomes.

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Staff Dashboard

Our Digital Customer Service dashboard gives your teams access to all the member information they need in one place. This makes it easy for them to build more – and stronger – connections across each member’s health journey.

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Assured Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are baked into the core of our Digital Customer Service technology. In addition to HIPAA and AICPA SOC2 compliance, our Digital Customer Service offers application security through single sign-on (SSO), strong password requirements, and multi-factor authentication. Plus, you benefit from the infrastructure security strengths of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Why We’re Different

Improves Member Wxperience

The member mobile app supports your full patient population, and the staff dashboard drives efficiency and member reach.

Empowers Your Members

Searchable on-demand educational articles – optimized for mobile, accessibility and health literacy – are available in English and Spanish.

Convenient Access

Members can easily access resources and support for medication management, appointment scheduling, providers, costs and more.

Better Member Outcomes

Customers reported an average of a 29% increase in the utilization of preventive services and a 17% reduction in inpatient admissions among the highest-risk members.

Meaningful Analytics

Measure the impact of digital health management on cost and utilization while uncovering insights that improve the member experience.

Customer Partnership

Align people, processes and technology with our professional services support, owning your member journey the whole way.

Wellframe Overview

Wellframe Digital Health Management solutions combine technology, information and partnerships to support interpersonal healthcare connections, extending the reach of digital health to impact more lives across critical touchpoints in each member’s health journey. Through Digital Care Management and Digital Customer Service, care teams build trust with members and empower individuals to take control of their own health goals.