Employee Testimonial

Dinesh Manalipotta

“HealthEdge has clear and regular communication from top level management. The company supports merit-based growth.”

Dinesh is a Product Manager who strongly believes that HealthEdge respects employees’ personal preferences, without compromising on the quality of the deliverables to its customers. He describes HealthEdge’s culture as proactive and communicative. Dinesh enjoys identifying requirements and helping solve business problems. For him, every day is new with new tasks and challenges. He says that at HealthEdge, everyone has the freedom to research, ideate and provide solutions. When asked how coworkers would describe him, “cooperative, approachable and enthusiastic” are the first few words that popped up. Dinesh prides himself on being a team player who is always ready to help his colleagues and has a go getter attitude. What motivates him every day is “the sense of impact – whatever I do has a direct impact on the overall project goal and milestones.”

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Dinesh manalipotta