Employee Testimonial

Michael Gustavson

“At HealthEdge, I have found my purpose to think out of the box and ask the right questions to drive towards solutions that give our customers delight.”

Michael Gustavson is a Product Manager who describes the work culture at HealthEdge as a “constant collaboration of like-minded people who work through complex solutions to complex problems.” He feels that cross-collaborating with colleagues and learning from one another is an invaluable part about HealthEdge’s “diverse and inclusive” environment. What drives Michael is being challenged in new ways and experiencing failures and successes which help him grow and learn. One thing he believes is rewarding about working at HealthEdge is that “Everything you work towards will have an impact on the overall digital health experience.” When asked what coworkers think of him, Michael says that they describe him as “relentless for improvement and always looking for opportunities to learn and collaborate”. Lastly, at HealthEdge, he greatly enjoys having the opportunity to think of high-level solutions and their impact on customer experience.

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Michael gustavson