Employee Testimonial

Mohammed Nayeem

“HealthEdge is a great place to get your feet wet with many different technologies. Try to take advantage of as many opportunities as you get”

Mohammad Nayeem is a Service Desk Engineer at HealthEdge who believes that the company culture is fun, exciting and everyone truly cares about the work one does. He enjoys working with his team and adds that “we are always helping each other out like a family.” Mohammad believes that some days are more challenging than others, but the most rewarding part is to be able to learn from all the things and for him “that’s the most satisfying feeling.” On being asked how his coworkers would describe him, he believes they would say he’s a caring person who would do his best to help a teammate. Mohammad loves problem solving. He says, “coming up with a solution for a problem is stressful sometimes but it feeds my curiosity too!”

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Mohammed nayeem