HealthEdge Source: Unlocking the Advantages of Data Reference Module

Live webinar discussion followed by Q&A exclusively for Source customers

Are your internal teams overwhelmed by disparate data sources and left hunting for answers in multiple places? Join Jared Lorinsky, chief strategy officer, and Carl Anderson, senior product manager, for this webinar, where we will discuss the advantages of a singular source of data that enables internal alignment and streamlined processes across your reimbursement cycle.

In this session, you will learn about:
•Complexities of multiple data sources can lead to waste and misalignment
•A single resource for CMS rates, policies, and provider insights can improve accuracy and accountability
•A zero-lift implementation for existing HealthEdge Source customers

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Jared Lorinsky, Chief Strategy Officer

Jared has been working in the payer reimbursement and payment integrity sphere for around two decades. As chief strategy officer at HealthEdge Source, Jared continues to work closely with health plans to understand their unique challenges and deliver solutions that can achieve their long-term goals.

Carl Anderson, Senior Product Manager

Carl works closely with healthcare payers and the intricacies of their data and IT ecosystems. His deep understanding of each payer’s unique needs helps to identify root-cause issues and solutions.